Monday, March 7, 2011


Among the ideas of the Malaysian/Chinese artist – Ho Wai Fong – we could easily feel the breath of transgression.

Her ideas are constant in her well finished and refined art/design pieces, from graphic (columnist of cartoon histories in a Malaysian Diary), to the volumetric objects  and through different  media such as, instalations,  video,  photography,  drawings or objectual poetry.
Her knowledge about anthropology and arts lead her diving into a very special vision of the modern art world and attitude towards it. Her far-sighted works are multifaceted that one could hardly remain calm and still in front of her art work . As she is aware of the capacity of interaction between objects and spectators, her projects are filled with honest reflection of the true essence of a subject invoking the conventional depiction.

She may assimilate a great amount of evolution and deconstruction in the different fields she  is moving on, her projects expanded  on to  a pure modeling of the ideas,  and the deep knowledge of those ideas origins, will result and impregned every single piece she wants to express. Humour appears shining in the structural codes that she manipulates, in the very precise located elements who configure her work, and without avoiding in facing any conflict that is approaching to her work.

Her lack of worries about the functionality of a work breakthrough the box of constrains, therefore more artistic and more universal. (by Carlos Llavata)

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